Ha Ya Tsume Ryu Martial Arts & Self-Defence Training


Ha Ya Tsume Ryu was formed in 1996 by Sensei Lynn Farmer and Steve Nichols.

Lynn and Steve started Jujitsu in 1990 at Williamtown Jujitsu Club on the RAAF Base under Sensei Bruce Clack a student of Sensei Wayne Willams and Mark Haseman.

Lynn has been involved in martial arts since 1975, starting with Judo. Shihan John Whipp AM is her mentor and Judo instructor, he is also a Jujitsu Dan and an A class Military Unarmed Combat Instructor.

When Sensei Clack was posted away from Newcastle, Lynn and another senior grade were left to run the club. The AJJA Senior Dan group became technical advisors to Lynn and Steve and, thanks to their help, Ha Ya Tsume Ryu was able to be formed.

The club now runs out of a purpose-built dojo at Mt Hutton.